Kill The Client

The American band Kill The Client was created in 2002 in Dallas, Texas. They work in the Grindcore genre. It looks like the figure “4” is a lucky number for these guys. Have you noticed? 2002 makes 4 in sum of all the components. Moreover they have released 4 albums. And another proof - the band consists of 4 members.

Biography of the band

In July of 2002 a new musical project was launched. They quickly released two CDR demos and sold about 1000 of them in the region and became rather popular. The musicians developed their own style and steadily won fame in America's underground scene. At the beginning the band was often invited for opening the tours of many metal bands, which were regarded as the best ones from around the country. And again it had outstanding success.

As a result of such serious touring work they released their first CD in September in 2004. Its official name is “Wage Slave”. And that was just the beginning! Immediately after that release they continued playing with Jody Roberts as part of the lineup who was rather friendly with a band at that moment. But the permanent guitarist appeared in 2005 – that was the original EOTS guitarist, Chris Richardson. Straight after there was the tour with participation in the annual Maryland Deathfest where a lot of popular bands in the genre appeared, in other fests carried out then. Again it was great success. In autumn of that year they released the second disk titled “Escalation of Hostility”. It was done with help of the well-known studio Willowtip records. Almost in two years they made the common album with Agoraphobic Nosebleed. In 2008 their own album Cleptocracy was released. It took them two more years to create and offer their next album Set for Extinction to public at large.


There are several trends for Metal genre and Grindocore is one of them. In general it combines a range of music styles like hardcore and crust punk, death and heavy metal. It appeared in mid-80s of 20 century. This music is rather extreme, chaotic and characterized by a particular noisy sound made by down-tuned guitars producing bas in high speed tempo. The vocal is guttural and full of growls and high-pitched shrieks. It is real Death Metal played even faster with lyrics focusing on blood. The initial representatives of this direction were the musicians of the world-known band Carcass. In the early 90s Grindcore became too popular with such executants like Napalm Death, and the others which are considered to be icons of this direction of music together with a lot of other less outstanding bands competing with each other.

Why do people choose this music?

Grindocore is not only music – this is a tendency in culture. At the long run people who is seriously involved in Metal Rock support this direction because of community. They like the extremely respected personalities of metal musicians seeing them in interview and communicating with them personally after the concerts. Moreover the special researches reveal that a kind of aggressive music causes an increase in positive emotions of listeners. Though, there is an audience that does not like it just because it is aggressive and too loud with those screams instead of melodic vocals of pop or classical styles of music. The other opinions are mostly earned from conservative social groups, which dislike the controversial lyrics usually used in Grindocore. The themes of blood, death, evil, violence are contrary to common and religious values.