Heavy Metal - Overview

Heavy metal not only doesn`t harm its fans, but also benefits them, scientists from Cardiff University say. Fans of such genre are more open to new experiences. In addition, they feel happier in their youth and are better adapted to life in society than many opponents of heavy music.

Heavy metal also develops critical thinking, albeit indirectly. Many argue that heavy music encourages people to violence – when teenagers try to defend their hobby, they analyze behavior of idols, lyrics of their songs and comprehensively explore problem.

And now it`s time to talk about top 5 heavy metal groups.

Arch enemy

This group differs from the rest not only by style of performance, but also by musicians – everyone knows that legendary guitarist Michael Amott plays in Arch Enemy. They become more and more popular with every album, and every new album really turns out better than previous ones. Some fans of hardcore metal may not like Arch Enemy's softening style, but everyone else likes it, and band is really becoming more popular.


Some of our readers probably don`t know about this group, whose members are trying to combine aggression of Death Metal and softness of classical music. If you really never heard them – don't be too lazy, download a couple of tracks and listen. You will probably enjoy it. Well, if not, just erase track, you haven’t lost anything.


This Polish team scares almost everyone who hears it for first time. They stand out not only due to their music, but also by way they dress. No jeans or torn T-shirts –only stylish suits, invented either by band members themselves, or by designers who help them find style. As for music, super-fast drums, and guitar, everything else stand out here. In general, excellent group that has its own “core”, and which is simply impossible not to recognize.

Children of bodom

This Finnish band is known for its melodic reefs. In principle, many metal lovers consider Children of Bodom to be one of best Scandinavian bands, and in fact, guys are very popular. I think those who haven`t heard them should do this.

Cannibal corpse  

Probably everyone heard about these guys. At least, name of this group, painted with chalk or paint, is found on each more or less long fence. They make not heavy, but very heavy music, which only those who are true fan of genre can listen to. Well, or those who simply pay tribute to fashion and listen to Cannibal Corpse just because they need it.